A young African Elephant grazing in Etosha National Park.  Etosha’s elephants are some of the largest in Africa, reaching a shoulder height of 4m, although they are also known for the small size of their tusks. These anomalies are possibly due to inherited traits in the first instance and to a mineral deficiency in their fodder, which causes their tusks to break easily.Thankfully, this has meant that Etosha’s tuskers have been of little interest to poachers over the years and means they are happy to pose for photos!


  • The photo will be digitally printed in razor-sharp resolution and brilliant colours, resulting in a print of stunning quality. 

    The mount is made out of high-quality white museum card stock and each frame is made by hand and topped with a crystal-clear acrylic glass pane.  Your print will be sent to you in the trusted care of an insured logistics partner.


    • Digital photo print in razor-sharp resolution
    • Gallery-style frame and mount
    • Topped with glossy acrylic glass
    • Each frame is handmade to a high standard